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I love the sci fi horror genre. It merges everything I want in an louis vuitton handbags sale entertainment experience   nifty gadgets, spaceships, mad religions, and screaming bloody death   into one flailing multi limbed abomination of a fake louis vuitton handbags good time. But I make it a point to not buy EA games based on their mandatory inclusion of fuckery in every title (and all around Bond villain caliber inhumanity, of course). And yet, as soon as there's a Steam sale, I impulsively hurl my wallet at the television louis vuitton outlet store because I have the self restraint of a drunken toddler. So it was that I bought Dead Space 2, and now I'm stuck with a wonderfully crafted priceless antique . sold to me wrapped in a bundle of filthy diapers by a sketchy conman who only launched into his pitch after I caught him trying to break into my garage.

, whose creations sell for as much as $3,400 a pair? "Once you get addicted, it's hard to buy anything else," says Kim Kassel, a former New York fashion publicist who owns more than 100 pairs of Blahnik shoes. Blahnik, 58, sounds a bit mystified. "Sometimes," he says, "I'm not able to understand all this madness and love."

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